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I was born in 1971 in a Siberian town Kaltan, Kemerovo region. The south part of this fantastically beautiful place is among the foothills of the Altai Mountains and to the west there are Sayani Mountains. It seems that some time ago the settlement Postoyanny, where I lived my first 17 years, was constructed as a temporary living place. It was named Postoyanny (permanent) to convince the people living there that in the Soviet Union temporary projects turned out to be permanent as a rule. Theres still another version concerning the origin of the name. Those who started exploiting the mine «Shushtalepskaya» knew that in 40-50 years when natural reserves of the mine would be exhausted and the mine closed. And thus, to make people believe the project was meant to stay permanently, the settlement was given the name Postoyanny — permanent. But as a matter of fact we can only guess, in reality nobody knows exactly all the whys. The settlement is not big, you wouldn't find it in any map, theres only the closest town Kaltan. Near the settlement theres a river with a very telltale name of the local origin «Condoma». We can hardly suppose that the native people (Shortsi) spoke English when they named the river, or that the English borrowed the word from the native language. Our school was the only educational center in the settlement. It was a common country school and quite a good one. All the teachers were excellent. I remember our ski section — the only real sport at the school. Skiing is a perfect pleasure in that place.

After finishing school in 1989 I decided to go and study in Moscow. There I applied at Moscow University. Unfortunately I got «2» in Math and immediately entered the Moscow Mining University the department of Economy. I decided to follow my fathers steps and connect my life to coal-mining. In 1993 long before graduating I registered my company «Mustang» and I still work there. With all my provincial energy I started looking for casein, which I sold abroad. Not too much time passed, and I to my amazement found out that my company became one of the leading companies dealing with casein. Looking back, I consider much of what happened to me during that period more as the integral part of my life, than as a job.

In 1994 I graduated and got my diploma. It was clear to me, that my vocation was not coal-mining, but milk processing and international business. Now I feel that I like my business. It makes me happy and inspires the feeling of real satisfaction, though I do not consider it a part of my personal life any more. Its my hobby-horse.

In 1998 having suffered a bitter experience of living in rented flats, I built my own private house. First it was planned as a sauna-house, but after a while it became my real home where I live.

This is my biography. All other details are directly connected to my work. And this is the very thing I wouldnt like to mention here, though its always on my mind.

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