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I welcome all visitors of my Internet home page. Of course, I prefer an eye to eye communication, but unfortunately theres almost no time for that. Therefore, I decided to make this site where I could demonstrate photos and share my thoughts with you. There are also stories about my traveling experiences stuck deep inside my memory. You can ask me questions. But one thing Im not going to write here about is my work. You are free to pick up all the information about it on the site

Shortage of time I consider as one of the biggest problem of our modern life. But, suppose, we were all of a sudden granted twice as much time, what then? Would we be able to accomplish everything to our satisfaction, working double time? Not in the least! Because in this case we again will be confronted by shortage of time. Back after traveling into the Rocky Mountains of Altai, I noticed one thing. Many times telling my friends this story I always forgot to mention this or that detail. If I were to repeat it in details each time, it would take me endless time. So I decided to make my report in all the details a part of this site, decorating it with the best of my photos of Altai Mountains and Shavlinsky Lakes.

It goes without saying, that the site is accessible not only for those who know me personally. I welcome anyone who is interested to visit it. I cherish hope, that the present materials, being in no way a secret, will be informative and useful for all the visitors on my site.

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Thanks for everybody who took part in very important event for our family.
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Wedding party dedicated the birthday of our family took place at Taraskovo-village on the 16th of July 2005.
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This tragedy happend at the 25th of July near places called Kobykovo. The military truck hit down Madi, which were on the buysical.

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CHINA 2008
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trekking to the mountains of South Altay. Kasacstan.
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